Legendary Guitarists Say...

"Brooks Robertson has one of the very best techniques in fingerstyle guitar. You can hear the influences of Buster B. Jones, Jerry Reed, and all the great fingerpickers past ... and he's writing some fabulous new material. An amazing guitar player who's showing the rest of us how it's done! Nobody whops Brooks Robertson!"      

-Richard Smith


 "He is slicker than a cat on a greased pole."                                              

-Nokie Edwards


 "Brooks Robertson is a superb and exciting guitarist. I love his playing!"                              

-Pat Bergeson


 "Brooks Robertson plays like the house is on fire."                                                                

-Thom Bresh


 "All guitar players are like Frankensteins. Their music is made out of bits and pieces of other players. In Brooks' case, he's a son of a Frankenchops, the well known monster picker Buster B. Jones. Buster and Brooks are both so scary ... the legend continues."                            

-Mason Williams


 "Brooks Robertson's playing is wonderful, rhythmically precise, harmonically complex and melodically compelling. How he controls all three simultaneously, blending them into something musically engaging, is remarkable. He's a gem."                                                        

-Neil Andersson


 The solo guitar's future is in good hands with players like Brooks out there!"                            

-John Jorgenson

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